Contigo West Loop 2.0 w/ Autoseal Lid

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Contigo West Loop 2.0 travel mug holds 20oz. Dishwasher safe lid. Hand wash tumbler body.
Always press button with mug in upright position With button pressed, tilt mug to drink. Release button to seal away from face to release pressure before drinking.
• Prior to drinking, make sure the lid is properly threaded to the body and screwed down
• If filling with boiling liquid, allow liquid to cool down WITH THE LID OFF for at least 3
minutes before attaching the lid.
• Avoid accidental depressing of the AUTOSEAL button by keeping the button free and
clear of other objects.
• DO NOT overfill. Fill liquids to just below the threading in the body as shown.
• DO NOT microwave or freeze.
• DO NOT use cleaners containing bleach, chlorine, abrasives,
and/or other harsh chemicals.
• DO NOT use with pulpy beverages.
• DO NOT continue to use product if damaged.
• DO NOT carry bottles containing liquid in bags to help prevent accidental opening.
• The AUTOSEAL® lid is designed to help prevent spills from accidental tipping.
• Suitable for hot or cold beverages.
• The AUTOSEAL® lid that came with your new purchase is designed to fit only your new
mug. Not for use with other products.
• To attach the lid, apply slight downward pressure and rotate counter-clockwise until you
hear a click and lid falls into place. Then rotate lid clockwise to tighten completely.
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